Releasing a new version of the plugin

Publishing a preview version

  1. Update CHANGELOG.adoc with the latest changes for the release. The first section heading after the heading “Release Notes” will be the version number of the release.

  2. Push all changes to GitHub and wait for the build-process to complete.
    GitHub actions create a draft release. The plugin is attached as You can download this file and install manually in your local IDE as described in Installing a preview release.

  3. Edit the draft release.

  4. You must not change the tag version, as it is already baked into the change log.

  5. Add a meaningful headline for the release.

  6. If you find typos in the long description for the release, fix them in the changelog and wait for the build to update the draft release.

  7. The long description supports Markdown, while the changelog is written in AsciiDoc. You might need to convert the syntax to make the content appear correctly in Markdown.

  8. Check the box “This is a pre-release”.

  9. Publish the draft release in the GitHub Web UI+ The plugin will be available from the EAP (early access program) repository. See Using the Early Access repository of the AsciiDoc plugin for more information.

Publishing a stable version

  1. Go to GitHub releases for this plugin

  2. Edit the pre-release and uncheck the checkbox “This is a pre-release”.
    A GitHub action will then publish the release. You don’t need to wait for the publishing process of the preview version to complete to be able to trigger publishing a stable version.

  3. Due to caching in the JetBrains marketplace and the IDE, it might take some time (minutes to hours) for the IDE to pick up the new version.

Every release must be published as a pre-release first, as users subscribed to the EAP channel will otherwise not receive this update.