Changing the documentation theme

Follow these steps to change the layout and functionality of the Antora documentation theme.


To preview changes locally, the following prerequisites are necessary:

  1. Node environment

  2. Yarn installed

  3. Basic knowledge of how to use Antora

How-to steps

  1. Fork and clone this repository:

  2. Fork and clone the plugin’s repository: to a folder named asciidoctor-intellij-plugin as a sibling to the first repository.

    If the user chooses a different folder, they’ll need to adapt the folders in antora-playbook-author.yml.

  3. Change content for the theme in files antora-playbook.yml and antora-playbook-author.yml or sub-folder _antora

  4. Test the changes (recommended for every non-trivial change):

    1. Install all dependencies defined by the package.json file

      yarn install
    2. Set environment variables to enable search index creation

      set DOCSEARCH_ENABLED=true
      set DOCSEARCH_ENGINE=lunr
    3. Build the static documentation website

      yarn author
    4. Start a minimal webserver to browse the documentation

      yarn serve
    5. Open documentation preview on

    6. Optional: To add the start page to the website, follow the steps in Changing content and layout of the start page, then run the following command:

      jekyll build --source startpage --destination _site
  5. Create a pull-request on GitHub

Once a maintainer approves the pull request your changes will be visible on the plugin’s homepage.