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User documentation is essential to make the plugin approachable for all types of users. This page provides an introduction where documentation content exists and how it is structured.

With this knowledge you can choose the matching how-to to change the content you need to change.

What sources exist to build the plugin’s website?

The documentation for this plugin is hosted on the plugin’s homepage

It has the following areas:

Start page

All files related to the start page are in the Git repository in the folder startpage. That folder contains both the content (look for AsciiDoc files with the extension .adoc) plus several theme and assets related files. The start page is built with the Jekyll static site generator.


All documentation content on the website is next to the plugin’s code at in the sub-folder doc. The theme for this site is in the Git repository in the folder _antora. The user’s guide and the contributor’s guide a build with the Antora documentation site generator.

Configuration files for hosting

The plugin’s homepage is hosted on Netlify. Configuration files for hosting are in Files like netlify.toml, and redirects instruct Netlify how to build and publish this site. A sub-folder lambda contains scripts to notify the maintainers of successful and unsuccessful deploys.

Further reading

There are three how-tos to walk you through changing the content of the website:

A more general guide on how to write documentation: