Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Missing an entry in the FAQ list? Please open an issue in the GitHub issues for this project.

General Troubles

I’m using MPS and see exceptions, how can I fix this?

There is an ad-tag-include template in all my files. Why?

See features/advanced/livetemplates.adoc#ad-tag-include how this works and how to disable it if you don’t need it.

Editor Troubles

Pasting from clipboard removes leading spaces (aka indent). Why?

This is an automatic reformatting option in the IDE’s settings. Stripping leading spaces should not change your rendered output.

See Indent missing when pasting from clipboard for more information.

How to avoid scrolling left/right for long lines?

An AsciiDoc recommended practice is to have one sentence per line.

Preview Troubles

The preview doesn’t show some remote images! Is this a proxy issue?

The JCEF preview doesn’t support the IDE’s proxy settings. See Proxy issues with the JCEF preview for more information.

The preview doesn’t show and in the notification I see “Errno::ENOENT message”.

This might be due to non-US-ASCII characters in folder names.

See Error Message Errno ENOENT and no preview for more information.

The preview could not find executable to render diagrams

Some diagram types need external helpers to render diagrams in the preview.

The preview is blurry!

This sometimes happens when using the JavaFX preview on high resolution displays.

See Blurry preview when using JavaFX for more information.

The preview is ugly!

This sometimes happens when using Swing preview. This activates when neither JavaFX or JCEF preview are available.

See chapters ‘JCEF Preview’ and ‘JavaFX Preview’ for more information.

Could not find the 'dot' (or other) executable. How to fix it?

Some diagram types need helper applications installed locally. Another alternative is to use a cloud based renderer like Kroki.

Other Troubles

Something is not working as I expect it to work, where can I get help?

Please open an issue in the GitHub issues for this project.

Supporting the project

I’m a user of the plugin, where can I show my support?

Please consider adding a rating for the plugin in the JetBrains Marketplace.

This plugin is based on Asciidoctor and a lot of ideas from its community. To support Asciidoctor, please consider contribute funds via Open Collective.