Troubleshooting problems when working with MPS

This chapter summarizes known problems and possible remedies for users working with MPS. If there issue is not listed here, open a new issue on GitHub.

Symptom: exception “Wrong dependency type: class com.intellij.openapi.util.Key” while editing a document

This problem doesn’t appear in MPS 2020.3 anymore. Please upgrade your IDE.

See asciidoctor-intellij-plugin#502 for more details and a discussion. This has been tracked by JetBrains in issue MPS-30801.

Symptom: PluginException at IDE startup mentioning “RefactoringMenu”

This problem doesn’t appear in MPS 2020.2.2 anymore. It is no longer necessary to install the “AsciiDoc MPS add-on”.

You can read more about this in the related GitHub issue asciidoctor-intellij-plugin#502.