Checking the Grammar for AsciiDoc content

Validate the grammar for the written content. This functionality is added via additional plugins.

How it works

The Grazie and Grazie Professional plugins add grammar checking for various languages.

Once the plugin is installed, the IDE will highlight spelling and grammar problems in the editor. Users can also run Validation in the IDE or Validation during Continuous Integration and Delivery.

Grazie Plugin

The Grazie plugin is pre-installed for most JetBrains IDEs and offers grammar and spell checking for several languages. While support for English is included, it will detect other languages and offer the download of additional files. Once it has downloaded these files, spell checking and grammar checking is available for those languages.

This plugin is available for both paid and free versions of IntelliJ.

Grazie Professional Plugin

The Grazie Professional is an optional plugin that needs to be installed by a user to their IDE.

The required-plugin feature of the IDE will display a popup to users when they open a project and a required plugin is not installed. To add the Grazie Professional plugin to the list of required plugins for a project, follow the instructions about Required Plugins in the online help for the IDE. Then check in the file .idea/externalDependencies.xml to the code repository together with all other files.

As a pre-requisite when running grammar inspections in large projects, increase the memory of the IDE as the IDE might otherwise be slow, or stall due to the lack of memory. Choose menu item Help  Change Memory Settings and change this, for example, to 4096 MB.

This plugin is available for both paid and free versions of IntelliJ.

Project style guides

Scopes for Vale rules are available with plugin version 0.37.28+. For best scope support for strong, emphasis and link, use the AsciiDoc plugin version 0.37.38+ and the Grazie Professional version 0.3.107+.

The Grazie Professional plugin supports project style guides.

Rules can be specific to a scope, for example, a heading or a table cell. When defining such rules, this plugin supports the following scopes:


Any text in an AsciiDoc file.


Any section heading.


Any table cell. For now, table headings are also identified as cells.


Caption of a table.


Any list item in an ordered, unordered or definition list.


Applied to the text of a link.


Applied to any bold or strong text.


Applied to any italic or emphasised text.