Features of the IntelliJ AsciiDoc plugin

This document details the features available in the plugin to users of the plugin. Use it as a reference guide to find out what the plugin can do today. The plugin should work “like any other IntelliJ plugin” when it comes to shortcuts and configurations. If not, describe the expected behaviour in a GitHub issue.

Consider contributing to this document: open a bug when something is unclear, missing or wrong. You can even create a pull request for this document!

Benefits of this plugin

The IntelliJ AsciiDoc Plugin adds to your IDE:

  • A context-sensitive editor with syntax highlighting, auto-completion and in-line validation messages.

  • A configurable preview to proofread and navigate the content.

  • Integrations to a Markdown-to-AsciiDoc converter, in-line diagrams like PlantUML, Antora, a static site generator, and Spring REST docs.

  • Convert AsciiDoc files to HTML, PDF and DOCX files from within the IDE.

Context-sensitive editor

  • Recognizes the AsciiDoc file extension (.adoc, .asciidoc, .ad)

  • Toolbar and context menu for basic formatting and to create tables.

Learn more about it in the Editing AsciiDoc Content section.

Advanced search functionality

  • All named elements can be searched, like section titles, IDs, and attribute names.

  • Two additional search scopes to filter searching in AsciiDoc content.

Learn more about it in the Searching content section.

Configurable preview

  • Provides a two-pane AsciiDoc preview editor based on AsciidoctorJ with a live preview.

    By default, it has a vertical split and the preview is on the right. Use the settings to flip editor and preview and change to a horizontal split.

Learn more about it in the Previewing content section.

Integrations to the AsciiDoc ecosystem

  • Refactor Markdown to AsciiDoc: Right-click on a file, or use the Refactor menu, and the Markdown document will be replaced by the AsciiDoc equivalent.

    These supports undo when you’re not happy with the result.