Error Message Errno ENOENT and no preview

Problems with folder names with non-US-ASCII characters. See below for the remedy.

Symptom: Errno::ENOENT message

When rendering a preview, an error message like the following appears in the console:

Error rendering asciidoctor: org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: (Errno::ENOENT) file:/C:/Users/....gemspec

The preview doesn’t show.

Environment: Windows or a non-UTF-8 default encoding

This seems to happen mostly on Windows systems as they don’t default to UTF-8 charsets. Linux systems usually default to UTF-8 and are not affected.

Cause: Folder names with non-US-ASCII characters

Running Microsoft Windows there seems to be a problem that JRuby can’t read a folder name when contains non-US-ASCII characters that would require an UTF-8 encoding.

This has been documented first in Issue 210

Remedy: Add file encoding VM option to IDE

Please put the following as a new line at the end of IDE’s VM options file:


You can open the file from your IDE via Help  Edit custom VM options…​.

The online documentation of IntelliJ explains where to find this file in the local file system.