Proxy issues with the JCEF preview

JCEF preview doesn’t support proxy settings. Please use the JavaFX preview. See below how to do that.

Symptom: Remote content not shown

Images and other referenced remote content might not show up in the preview.

Local files within the project show without problems.

Environment: JCEF preview and behind proxy

The plugin’s settings in File  Settings…​  Languages & Frameworks  AsciiDoc  Preview Browser shows that “JCEF Browser” is used.

The user is behind a proxy, and the content in the preview includes remote files.

Cause: JCEF doesn’t support proxies

Workaround: Use JavaFX preview

The plugin supports different kinds of previews: Swing, JavaFX and JCEF.

As a workaround, consider using the JavaFX preview.

Starting with IDEA 2020.2 the JavaFX preview is only available after installing the plugin “JavaFX for plugins”.

Once JavaFX is available, the user can change the preview to JavaFX in the plugin’s settings via File  Settings…​  Languages & Frameworks  AsciiDoc  Preview Browser.