Validation of AsciiDoc files

The AsciiDoc plugin for IntelliJ validates cross-references and attributes.

How the plugin can help with validation

The IDE can validate for example cross-references and attribute names for a set of AsciiDoc files. It will also provide auto-completion for attribute names and references.

To do this, all files need to be in one project.

If the IDE opens a single file and not a project with all related file, it might show validation errors where it shouldn’t.

How to edit files as a project

The user select the menu item File  Open…​ and then to selects and folder and opens it. The IDE will open files in the folder and its sub-folder as one project. Validation and auto-completion then works as expected.

If the user opens the dialog to open a single file, the file will not be part of a project. The IDE can then only provide a sub-set of auto-completion and validation.

Further reading

If files are in separate distinct folders and still belong together, the user can group them into one project. See chapter Multi-module Projects for more information.